Isolation monitor

The Fuatvis isolation monitor monitors the isolation resistance between the battery and a reference potential. It is capable of monitoring systems with up to 800V DC and reliably informs the BMS of the isolation status (both synchronous and asynchronous insulation faults). The isolation resistance is determined according to the UN/ECE R100 standard.

The device uses a Highsped CAN bus for all communication.

The board of the Isolation Monitor is physically divided into a high voltage and a low voltage section. The high voltage section contains the resistor network and two terminals for the potential and communication connection of the battery. Compared to other systems, our IsoMonitor is reduced to the most essential parts, allowing a lean design and low cost to be realized.


  • High voltage IT systems up to 800 Volt DC
  • Detection of high voltage isolation faults
  • Measurement of isolation resistance up to 10 MΩ
  • Isolated CAN communication
  • Continuous measurement of isolation capability and measurement requirements via UDS
  • Isolation fault triggers alarm signal / sends fault via CAN bus to BMS
  • Sleep mode possible
  • Response Time < 20s
  • Galvanic isolation from all signals to the HV side


  • ISO 26262 certification planed
  • LV124, LV123


  • Can communication
  • Simple slim design
  • 48v to 800V
  • 7 – 36 V supply voltage