Battery technology,
BMS & Batteries

We supply know-how and all products for customized battery systems!

From qualified cell modules from different manufacturers, our self-developed, fully configurable Futavis BMS 3.0, our modular S-Box with insulation monitor – or the entire battery system!

We have suitable and certified products from the first prototype to series production.

Individual adaptability, highest quality and functional safety are our focus.

Modular battery systems

Based on our many years of experience in the field of battery system development, we have designed all of our products to be modular so that we can quickly find an ideal and efficient solution for a wide variety of applications.

Battery Management System (BMS)

At the heart of every battery is the battery management system, which monitors the battery and ensures ideal and safe operation of the battery system.

The battery management system is the brain of the battery, so to speak. It monitors and regulates the state of the battery and ensures efficient operation and a long service life via cell balancing.

Switch Box (S-Box)

The so-called Futavis S-Box (Switch-/ Saftey-Box) serves to protect the battery and enables the battery to be disconnected from the surrounding system in an emergency. For this purpose, the S-Box has contactors to connect and disconnect the battery even under load.

Isolation monitor

Our isolation monitor monitors the isolation resistance between the battery and a reference potential. It is capable of monitoring systems with up to 800V DC and reliably informs the BMS about the isolation status.

Configuration & Analysis Tools

In order to be able to read out and flash our BMS quickly and easily, we have developed a configuration and analysis tool (CAT). This diagnostic tool can be provided to the customer in the form of licenses, depending on the customer’s needs.

Development & Test Systems

The 0-defect strategy underlying FUTAVIS requires sophisticated end-of-line testing. In addition to computer-controlled function tests, interfaces that enable the flashing of current software releases are therefore integrated into compact superstructures. Futavis attaches particular importance to the traceability of the data with regard to the properties of the components up to the sustainable backup of the measurement data together with convenient access.